Top ten tips to get the right customers on your site

1) Have good Content

You want the people landing on your website to believe and like what you are saying. By having compelling information and bloody good content, you are doing something right. You want the people who land on your website to remember what they see. You want them to explore your site, gather as much information as possible so they consider you. Also the better the content you have on your website, the better it is for Google. Google’s little secret machine likes good content, and we want to keep Google happy.

Just remember “Content is King.”

2) Geotargeting

hand holding phone with maps

Targeting a specific area, for example, 10 miles around where your business is located can help you attract more accurate users to your website. 

Let’s say you’re a local plumber in Salford. You certainly don’t want to have inquiries for Birmingham because you cannot travel that far. Therefore, when building your Google Ads campaign, you have to think about how far you are willing to travel for work and set a radius of suitable around your location. 

Your ads will be accessible to anyone in or within the radius of your area. And that’s it! Setting a location limit helps you in many ways; firstly, you’re not wasting your budget on irrelevant traffic, and you’re also reaching out to people who are more likely to become your customers! 

3) Keywords matter!

Firstly, keywords are essential to when you are advertising your business on Google.

As we have discussed in previous blogs, choosing accurate keywords is essential! People are searching for specific things on Google. Find users who are truly looking for what you are offering. 

Taking the plumber example, you don’t want to be using very broad terms such as “sink” and “bathroom” because it is likely that you’re not reaching out to the right audience. Try to be more specific with the keywords you choose for your campaign. 

For instance, as a plumber in Salford, who targets a 10-mile radius would probably choose keywords such as “plumbing services near me”, “plumber in Salford”. 

4) Ad Scheduling

clock ticking

What does this mean and how does this help to reach the right customers? Simple. Ad scheduling allows you to decide when you want your ads to be displayed. 

In the plumber’s example, if your working hours are 9:00 to 17:00, you don’t want people finding your ad at 21:00 and calling you, out of your working hours. Get the right customers when it’s best for you! 

5) A/B Testing

There’s no harm in trying and testing. To justify, create more than one ad and test them! You can use the data generated from your ads to compare them. Get a clear understanding of that ad that performs the best for your business’ purpose. You can then keep the best performing ad, to attract the right customers to your website. This also means paying for clicks that are more likely to convert.

6) Update your headlines. Don’t be scared to try new things

This links very much to Point 5. The first thing someone sees when your ad is displayed to them is the headline. Having relevant, effective and good headlines will only attract the user to click on your ads. 

If you’ve got a sale on, let people know about it. Got a new product, SHOUT about it. You get 3 headlines. Make sure you use them to your advantage.

7) Use Sitelinks

Sitelinks are an extension to your ad which leads users to other pages of your website. 

For example, if you offer more than one product/service, you can add sitelinks to more than just your page on “plumbing”. Or, you may have a pricing page. You can add that as a sitelink so that people can land on that page immediately. If that’s what they’re interested in checking first. 

And as mentioned in point 6, headlines play a major role in this because depending on how you word your headings, it is more likely to attract more relevant users and potential customers!

8) Seasonality

Seasonality is really important to remember. Think about when business is normally really busy and when it’s not so busy. Google Trends is great for showing the volume on a specific search. Look at the example below:

chart with data over a 12 month period

Imagine you own a florist business. Here, you can see a huge rise of “florists near me” especially around Valentine’s Day! Increasing your budget leading up to Valentine’s Day would be smart because that’s where your business is most needed. Highlighting a special offer on the roses you have for Valentine’s Day would be a very good strategy to have in place. After Valentine’s Day, you can bring down your budget and keep marketing within your budget!

Remember with Express Ads you can flexibly change your budget to whatever you want, whenever you want.  

9) Check your Analytics Data

If you don’t already Google Analytics, we recommend you should do. You can sign up to Google Analytics here

Google Analytics gives you so much visibility. You can see what type of people are going on your website. How long for? What the bounce rate was? Where they came from? What type of person they are? Did they use Mobile or Desktop? Where in the world are they?

The list goes on. Trust me, you want to sign up to it if you haven’t already. And don’t worry, it’s totally free. 

10) Get Social

colourful social media icons

Social media is a great way of marketing for free. There is an audience there, so try and be seen for free. It also improves your brand reputation.

Let’s say you are a builder. Showcasing your work from before to after on social media (as well as your website, of course!) is a great way to generate interest in your business. This ultimately gets clicks to your website, where the user is reading your bloody good content and then will enquire!

Remember it’s a journey, it doesn’t matter where the user starts but as long as they finish that’s all that matters.