How to improve your landing page.

Landing page: The first page you see when you visit a website.

Think about how many times you have gone onto a website and immediately popped off it because of one reason or another?

– Did it load slowly?
– Did it have a pop up which was really hard to close?
– Was there loads of content and it was just really hard to use the website?

Here are a few tips on how you can improve your landing page.

Keep it simple.

Keeping it simple is the easiest thing you can do.
– Is it necessary?
– Do I need it?
– What benefit does it bring if I include it? 

Tip: Constantly ask yourself these questions, when designing your website.

Look at the example below. Clear, relevant and easy to read. That is all that’s needed.

An overcrowded landing page only confuses and disrupts the user journey. It should be your aim to guide the user through your website, easily and efficiently. Strip it back to basics.

Grab the visitors’ attention.

The most effective way to do this is by using clear and concise headings.

If you’ve got a small heading on a page, it’ll present no purpose. Have a clear headline, because it is easily noticeable and in a good position on the page. 

Landing page of a website with bottles of whiskeys, wines & spirits

Taster’s club is a great example of this. A clearly visible heading which entices the visitor. “Get a new whiskey…every month”. Nicely supported with a call to action which we talk about now…

Call to Action

A call to action is what you want the user to do. For example, “Contact Now”.

Therefore, having a prominent and clearly visible call to action, you are more likely to influence the user to action it.

Look at this example from MDS plumbers.

They’ve got three standout Call to actions on their landing page which is automatically one of the first things you see. If a visitor likes what they see, they can immediately contact MDS by clicking on the phone number button at the top right of the page.

Landing page of a plumbers' website

MDS has made it easy for the visitor to contact them. Therefore, they are not losing any potential customers from having an effective Call to action button on all the pages across their website. 

Above all, by making sure your website follows just these 3 simple things it can really help increase the performance of your website.

We hope this helps!

Good luck.