Google Trends: Discover When Your Customers Are Searching

Believe it or not, advertising your business on Google is not as complicated as it is sometimes made out to be. It doesn’t have to be really expensive either. In fact, there is a range of FREE Google products that can help you get started on Google.

To help get businesses started with advertising online. Google has a catalogue of cool, easy-to-use resources. These products can help you plan, budget and target your marketing campaigns in order to maximise value for your business. And best of all, these products will cost you nothing! That’s right. They’re all FREE. 

The free tool that will be introduced to you in more detail in this article will help you spot patterns and trends in industry data. 

Google Trends

Google has access to an incredibly large database of consumer info that can help you to plan your marketing campaigns. It’s simple, easy and quick to use. Don’t worry, it requires very little experience. So let’s dive in. 

One free tool that helps you spot patterns and trends across various different sections of industry data is Google Trends.

It does exactly what it says on the tin. It shows you search trends depending on the Country and Time you want to see. You can also compare against other search terms. Google Trends is great when you can use the data to make informed decisions. If you can see a higher search in certain months compared to others, this can help with cost planning and inventory stocking. data can be used to inform your seasonal campaigns, helping with cost planning as well as inventory stocking…

Let’s have a look at how it works:

graph showing interest over time for plant pots

Common sense or not, this is the best way to illustrate it. You own a gardening shop. It makes sense to invest the majority of your marketing budget in the early summer months because that’s where the search queries are taking place the most.

Be Reactive

Sometimes you have to be reactive. Stay with the trends. Know what’s happening in the news. This is probably one of the best examples of something going viral.

graph showing interest over time for bitcoin

Cryptocurrency. Unknown from the years 2004-2016. Then a huge surge kicked and it exploded in 2017. Perfect opportunity to advertise if you’re a bitcoin seller.

Experiment with Google Trends. It gives you an idea of what people search and when they search. This can help tailor your advertising budget and maximise results. And best of all… it’s free. 

Try Google Trends for yourself today. Click here to access the site.

Change the country.
Change the date period. 
Have fun and experiment. Get a good idea of where trends lie within your business’ industry.