Exciting news: Express Ads Has Landed in US Market

USA Flag

Yes, it’s true: We’ve launched in the US!

We are going through exciting times here at Express Ads and we wanted to share the news.

Our objective is to help businesses advertise on Google in simple and easy to follow steps. Also, with Express Ads, they can do this in less than 10 minutes. Everyday life can get busy for entrepreneurs. Therefore, our aim was to create a tool that will give them the opportunity to advertise quickly.

Now, we are happy to announce that we can help US businesses achieve this too!

Moreover, our service will now be available in a market that has over 30 million SMEs, according to the Office of the US Trade Representative.

Express Ads will be able to offer US businesses the opportunity to advertise on Google with a lot of flexibility. Just as with the UK market, the US customers will be able to spend as much or as little as they want with no commitments, as you can cancel at any time!

And of course, our platform will be able to cater to all customers in the USA using the USD currency.

So, hello the USA!

For questions, please do get in touch with us, or use our FAQ page!