Don’t Search for Your Own Ads on Google

It’s exciting to see your own ads on Google – the way potential customers would.

However, there are loads of reasons why this might not be such a good idea.

Personalised Google Results

The results page on Google is personalised for each person. Therefore it is impossible to recreate what your customers will see exactly.

If you search for your own ads repeatedly, without clicking – you’re basically telling Google that your advert is not relevant. This will then hinder your campaign by lowing your quality score.

Wasted Budget

If you search for your own ad, and then click on it. Google will charge you.


Within Express Ads, you can turn your campaign on and off automatically based on when your business is open. Please bear in mind if you feel the urge to search.

Also, your IP address might not be in the same location as your targeting. Some internet providers will route your location to where their servers are based. For example, I am based in Warrington, but my IP is in London. Therefore I will not see any adverts targeting Warrington when using my PC. My mobile results are Warrington based when using 4G!

Multicoloured Google Cake

Quality/ Relevancy

The Google Quality Score cake (it’s a metaphor) is made up of different ingredients. One of the key ingredients is relevancy.

When users search for something and do not click on the ads that appear, Google interprets the ads as irrelevant to the search query. Since clicks cost you, you wouldn’t want to click on your own ad.

Taking these two factors into account, searching for your ad (particularly if you do it frequently) will increase your impressions but not your clicks, leading to a lower CTR (click-through rate). This will give your keywords a lower Quality Score and will discourage Google from showing your ads in the future. Google is constantly learning and updating its practices from data, and over time, if you constantly search for your own ads, you can cause your average cost per click to become more expensive, because of your low-quality score. You wouldn’t want that, would you?


Searching for your keywords on Google is not the best measure of whether your keywords are receiving traffic, your data is! (Pssst, Express Ads provides regular updates on how your account is doing, with easy to interpret reports).

You may not see your ad because Google has decided you don’t find them relevant (from the multiple searches) but the data may show that you have had 250 impressions that day.

The best way to preview your adverts

A preview of your adverts can be seen within our portal. This is the best option.

Alternately feel free to contact the Express Ads team, who can use internal tools to generate a real-life screenshot.

We hope you found this useful. For more tips around PPC, check our FAQ page and our blog page.