Express Ads Blog

16th December 2019 by Francesco Serra

This blog discusses terms used in PPC and gives their definitions.

Pay per click banner

9th December 2019 by Francesco Serra

Pay-Per-Click or commonly abbreviated as ‘PPC’ is a bidding strategy used on Google Adwords.

25th November 2019 by Vassilia Georgiou

It’s exciting to see your own ads on Google – the way potential customers would.

24th October 2019 by Vassilia Georgiou

For many small, but growing businesses – it is vital to advertise online to generate leads and sales.

21st October 2019 by Francesco Serra

Images are really important in blog posts – but don’t just take our word for it.

10th October 2019 by Tom De Prez

A pet peeve of mine is websites asking me to sign up with them before I get to see their website.