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We can advertise your company on Google

We have built an easy-to-use system that gives you the power to build a successful Google Advertising Campaign.

You won't need to spend hours learning all the easy to miss aspects that can turn a campaign from good to great!

Our online wizard will do all the complex work for you, while keeping you in control.

Spend as much or as little as you want!

Only takes 10 minutes to set up.

No commitments, cancel online anytime.

Thousands of companies trust us to do their online advertising.

How it works

Step 1

Tell us about your business

Go through our online wizard, answering simple questions about your business.

Step 2

we scan through your website

Our system has been built by industry experts, and will use the best bits on your site to help make the perfect ad campaign.

Step 3

Appear on Google

As a Google Partner, we will continually make improvements to your campaign to ensure you get the most out of your advertising.

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Takes around 10 minutes

Why Us?

Doing it yourself

  • It’s time consuming to learn everything about Google Ads to make an impactful campaign
  • It is very easy to make mistakes which then results in poor converted campaign and wasted money
  • It may seem cheaper to do it yourself, but in the long run you may end up spending more

Hiring an agency

  • For advertisers with small budgets, an agency can be an expensive option
  • An agency should be adding value to your campaigns each month, but at the same time they need to pay wages, office fees and still make a profit.
  • This dilemma ultimately results in two outcomes;
    • Your agency will charge a fee which is too high in relation to your media spend on Google
    • Or they will charge a low fee but then provide a very low touch service
  • This is why we believe automation is the answer…….

Express Ads

  • You can be live on Google Ads today. Simply go through our online wizard to advertise your business online
  • Our system has been built by experts to ensure you get a successful Google Ads campaign
  • We will constantly monitor and tweak your campaign to make sure you get the best value
  • Your time is more valuable running your business. We are online marketing experts and Google Partners
  • You can choose to spend as much, or as little as you like, and cancel at any time
  • We only charge a small 10% management fee
  • Join the thousands of businesses like yours that have used us to advertise on Google

Simple Transparent Pricing

Choose to pay as much, or as little as you like!

Just input the amount you wish to pay per month at checkout

Don't forget, you can cancel at any time!

You can spend as little or as much as you like on your Google Ads. We've included some example stats below to help choosing the right budget for your business easier.


per month

Estimated clicks* 166

Including 10% Management Fee of £5

Hot air balloon


per month

Estimated clicks* 1666

Including 10% Management Fee of £50

Accepted Payment Methods
Accepted payments
Safe & Secure Payment

Your information is protected through secure payments.

*This estimate is based on an assumed cost per click of 30 cents. There are numerous variables which can increase or decrease your actual cost per click such as competitor activity. Therefore this should only be used as a guide.

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A powerful, integrated insights platform putting you in control

Not only will Express Ads help you grow your business faster.

We provide you with all the insights you need to improve and build upon your advertising campaign to reach your full potential.

Express Ads dashboard

A few reasons why we are the right fit

Cancel anytime

Cancel Anytime

You have the freedom to change or cancel your plan anytime, no hard feelings!

No financial commitments

No Commitments

Spend as much or as little as you want and only pay when people click on your ads!

Trusted by thousands


Thousands of companies use us to advertise due to our clear and honest fees with no hidden surprises!

Quick setup

Set up in 10 minutes

Combining vast marketing knowledge and AI to provide a simple to build campaign tailored to your EXACT business!


We're Experts

With our research-based framework of marketing strategies, we know the most effective ways to get you more customers.

Loved by thousands of happy customers - big and small

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We've Been Shortlisted for the Following Awards

UK Biddable Media Awards 2019 - Paid Search Technology
The Drum Search Awards - Technical Innovation of the Year 2019
UK Biddable Media Awards 2019 - Innovation
Prolific North Texh Awards - Transformation
The European Search Awards 2019 - Best Software Innovation
Prolific North Texh Awards - Innovation